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It looks like I haven’t shared any of my creations on my blog since July, for a couple of reasons…

  1. It’s easier to take a photo of my creation with my phone, upload it straight to my Facebook page from my phone, and add a quick blurb about it directly on the phone. If I decide to write a blog post about it, I have to fire up the old laptop, transfer the photo to the computer, wait until the browser opens, login to my blog, write a post, upload the photo, add tags and then publish (this takes a lot longer to do than uploading to Facebook).
  2. My mum went into a nursing home temporarily in June and became a permanent resident there at the end of July, until she passed away on October 9. Then we had relatives coming from interstate and overseas for the funeral.
  3. If you have received my newsletters this year you have heard that I had overseas visitors in June as well, which was enjoyable but tiring, and all the extra driving put strain on my back and I’ve been having frequent treatment since then to get over it.
  4. My mojo has been erratic lately, and it’s been hard to get motivated to work in the studio on my own.

But anyway, here are a few of my creations which I shared on Facebook:

I hope you get inspired by these ideas, some of which I get from other people, or I have made at our monthly team get-togethers. 
Happy Stamping,