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I’ve been trying to write and send a newsletter out for quite a while now, and things have been happening and life gets in the way, sorry.

Here’s what I wrote on February 4:

A funny thing happened today when I thought I was going to
do this newsletter to send out to everyone.
Do you realise how much we rely on technology and
electricity these days? Today we had a power blackout from 9.20 am, most likely
due to the high wind bringing down trees onto power lines. Used the old phone
that plugs into the phone line to check with the power company, and yes they
are aware of the power interruption and it should be back on at 12 pm.
OK, so what shall I do today? Make a coffee… ok, no power,
so can’t use the kettle or microwave. Wait I have an old kettle that can be
used on the gas cooktop. So, found a match to light the burner, which is
usually lit by the electric sparky thing. So far so good. Now let’s have a look
at what’s happening on Facebook.
Oh dear, my phone battery is down to 25%, so I’d better not
stay on there too long. I decide to play a game on my iPad while I have my
coffee, and see that the iPad battery is also 25%. Can’t do much else on the
iPad as I usually have it connected to the home Wi-Fi, and of course, that’s
not on due to the blackout.
Maybe I’ll read a bit. 
After a late night last night I feel sleepy after about 10 minutes, so
decide to have a nap.
Wake up an hour later, and it’s getting close to 12 o’clock
so I call the power company again. Well, now they are saying that power won’t
be restored until 3 pm. OK, what to do now?
Maybe I’ll send texts to my friends who live close by and
see if they have power. I offer to bring cake to share while I charge my phone.
Both can’t do it so maybe I’ll go to my friend’s craft shop with the same
I head out the front door with cake and car keys in hand and
press the button for the garage door opener. Bugger, of course it doesn’t work
because it’s electric. Because it’s a double door that weighs a ton, there’s no
way that I can open it manually to get the car out. So I’m stuck here. I guess
I can get in the car in the garage, switch on the engine and plug my phone into
the car charger, but that’s not a good idea in an enclosed space as I might be
overcome with carbon monoxide fumes.
Well at least it’s not 45 degrees like it was 2 days ago.
I call another friend, who lives further away (using the old
home phone), and have a laugh about how I can’t do anything today while the
power is out. I put the kettle on the gas burner and make another coffee to go
with the cake I have.
OK, so what other options do I have? I usually go on the
computer to watch videos, look for ideas for crafty things, check emails,
research business stuff,etc. If I get bored with that or tired then I watch TV
for a while. Can’t do any of that.
I was going to work on some photos and get them ready for
printing for tonight’s competition at the camera club, but can’t do any
printing because of the blackout.
I can make card or other craft samples, but most of the
ideas I look at are online, so I don’t have much to work with. Plus without
power and air-con it will get warm in my studio on this sunny day.
I guess if worse comes to worse I can do some house
cleaning, tidy up my craft room/studio and start decluttering my house. But I
like to play music when I do stuff like that, and the battery in my phone is
now down to 13%.
But wait, my laptop is fully charged, so it should last an
hour or two, so maybe I can start to put together my newsletter after all,
without being online, and then upload it to my newsletter service when the
power comes on. I plug my phone into my laptop, and hallelujah it’s charging
off the laptop battery while I write this.

So this is what I’ve been doing today so that
it’s not a complete waste of time.

Anyway, I’ve just sent out a rather short newsletter to let everyone know about the upcoming craft fair and Stampin Up promotions.